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Jones-Haywood Conservatory Program

Jones-Haywood Dance School has established an introductory conservatory training program in classical ballet for deserving students across the District of Columbia and particularly children of color. The goal of the Jones Haywood Conservatory Training Program (JHCTP) centers around preparing young people to gain entry to prestigious programs offered at the School of American Ballet, Julliard, and other similar institutions. JHDS has a history of its students gaining entry to these programs and with greater resources would like to prepare and advocate for more students of color to have these opportunities. A conservatory approach which asserts more time and intensive training would support this goal.

The objectives of the program are to:

1) foster a love of ballet

2) develop an understanding of its historical origins

3) teach a comprehensive, high-level ballet technique, incorporate “ballet dancers of color” history and appreciation

4) develop an appreciation of artistic and technical skill sets

5) develop an understanding of professionalism in class, in performance and in life

6) develop a sense of “work ethic,” responsibility, and consistency

7) help students connect musicality, expression and translating movement into a story or feeling

8) help students gain a sense of self-worth, confidence, and courage to explore whatever career pathway they choose

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