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Jones-Haywood Dance School offers a full academic year of study, September through June, for ages 4 to 18 in Classical Ballet & Pointe, the Contemporary Repertory, Tap, Jazz and the Lester Horton Technique. Many of the classes are taught with live piano accompaniment, and to round out their study, students are encouraged to attend dance performances and other cultural activities. JHDS students also learn life-skills, such as discipline, the pursuit of excellence and the importance of hard work; all of which prepare them to become successful in their careers, their communities and their families.

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Pre-Ballet I is a fun introduction to ballet 

du​ring which students focus on mastering various (individual and combinations of) locomotor and non-locomotor movement skills; ensuring proper body alignment and placement; enhancing the understanding of spatial conception and memory skills; and the introduction of various fundamental ballet techniques and vocabulary. Stage performance skills will also be introduced.

Pre-Ballet II builds on the skills learned in Pre-Ballet I and focuses on ensuring proper body alignment and placement; expanding fundamental ballet techniques and vocabulary; and increasing the student's coordination, concentration and memory skills. Exercises to increase flexibility, strength and muscle tone are added at the Pre-Ballet II level. Simple and complex combinations of steps and skills are introduced and aid in preparing students for performance choreography. Performance skills learned in Pre-Ballet I will be enhanced. Toward the end of the school year, students may be introduced to barre work.

Ballet Technique IA builds on the skills learned in Pre-Ballet II and add a heightened focus on proper body alignment, distribution of body weight, articulation of feet, and balance; and the expansion of fundamental ballet techniques and ballet vocabulary. During the course of the school year, each student is expected to increase their coordination, concentration and memory skills. Exercises to promote flexibility, strength and muscle tone are increased at the Ballet I level. As the school year progresses, there is an increase in the level of complexity for class work steps and for choreography. These students will work at the barre and have center floor work.

Ballet Technique IB takes students who have shown technical growth and development in Ballet IA to a more formal stage of their ballet education, with faster tempo and more intricate combinations at the barre and center floor.

Intermediate Ballet Technique is for intermediate students who are ready to refine the training and exercises learned in Ballet IA and Ballet IB. Also at this level, more complex center floor work will be incorporated. Selected students will be introduced to beginning pointe technique.

Advance Ballet Technique requires an audition and 3 to 4 years of training and technical skill proficiency.

Modern Dance focuses on exposure to the Horton technique offering both rudimentary vocabulary and language of a specific technique required of the body in the development of dance. Students will be introduced and instructed in studio and theory work as it relates to the specific modern technique called Horton. The student will be introduced to the distinguishable characteristics of the technique. The goal is to continue the foundational vocabulary of the Lester Horton technique as a body language taught through a science of information, application and execution that can build the physical instrument for the discipline of the performing art of dance as well as everyday life.

Jazz offers students exposure to two definitive styles of Broadway and Las Vegas Cabaret. Students will begin each class session with movement vocabulary of walks, turns, jumps and rhythm patterns applicable to the specified styles in preparation for the final school performance.

Tap/Intermediate/Advanced offers students a chance to enhance their rhythmical skills and learn traditional American tap dancing.

Introduction to Pilates Mat offers a fundamental level class that focuses on core strength and full body flexibility. Lectures included in the class consist of defining the 10 Pilates Principles, breath work and all of the fundamental level mat based exercises.

Summer Programs offer comprehensive Summer training through either all day programming with offerings that may include may include ballet, tap, jazz, modern, fitness and conditioning, creative writing and poetry, movement laboratory in which students explore their own ideas of choreography and a course in alternative careers in dance.

For select students, Jones-Haywood Dance School offers travel related study opportunities, such as an intensive Ballet Training at l'Ecole Superieure de Danse de Cannes, France and/or a two week intensive in Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard.

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